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Who are your doctors?

Our doctors are all fully registered with Singapore Medical Council with many years of experience both locally and in overseas.

Can I choose a male doctor?

Definitely. We understand something is easier to share with a person of the same gender.

Do I need to see a doctor to buy the “blue pills”?

It is a requirement under MOH's regulations to have a teleconsult or physical consult before a prescription medicine can be issued.

Depending on a person’s condition, he may be allowed to “refill” his medication after his first consult.

Health supplements can be bought without a doctor’s consult.

What are your fees?

Online Consultation fee - $15 per sessions

House call - $150 per visit

Night House call (after 10:00 pm) - $350 per visit

Medications and other treatment fees are charged separately.

How do I recieve my medicine?

Medicine can be delivered to you within 1 working day or during house call visit.

How do I make an appointment?

You can make a online booking here or contact us at WhatsApp +65 9072 6829.

For online consultation, you will be asked to answer a few health questions during your booking. A payment notice will be emailed to you. Once payment is made, you will receive a booking confirmation. A weblink with password will be sent to you during the appointment day. Do get ready your photo ID during the session for us to identify you.

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